Group Business Plans

Running a business today isn’t simple. But with COMNEXIA choosing a group wireless plan can be. Together with AT&T, our cellular partner, COMNEXIA offers new plans designed to grow with your business and work where you work, all on America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. Contact us today to consolidate all of your business cellular services into one low cost solution.

Cellular Hardware Sales

When it comes to mobile gadgets, brand familiarity tends to be the number one reason in the decision-making process. Thirty percent of device owners say they bought because the new device uses the same operating system as another device they already own. “Apple people” tend to go with an iPad, because it uses the same operating system as their iPhone and they can easily share existing content. The question becomes, is this a good model to support your mobile business needs? With so many new and expanding choices on the mobile market you need a partner to guide you. Someone that can hear your business needs and show you all the options instead of just presenting you the most familiar one. At COMNEXIA we have a team of mobile experts that can make buying a cell phone, tablet or mobile hotspot easy.

LTE Voice, Text & Data Service

At COMNEXIA, our clients are more mobile than ever, working from home, coffee shops, airplanes and virtually anywhere in the world. Cellular voice, text, and data are essential and must offer fast, reliable, scalable service for business today. You need a partner that not only provides these services but can do it on a global scale. In partnership with AT&T, COMNEXIA offers flexible and cost-effective mobile plans to keep you connected worldwide. There are no term commitments and you can bring any AT&T compatible device you prefer.

Wireless LAN

For sure and certain, it’s a wireless world. Employees, customers, contractors and business guests all expect it from your enterprise. Effective wireless connectivity can give you a competitive edge in network reliability and uptime. Most companies run operations around the clock, seven days a week so the addition of wireless LAN services for business continuity has become key for guaranteed uptime. Wireless LAN technology gives your business and additional proven method to access internet and wide area resource when land line based systems are down. With today’s technology we can guarantee bandwidth and quality of service (QOS) so that even the most latency dependent services are kept intact. Let us deliver fast, secure, reliable network access via COMNEXIA’s Wireless LAN Services. Call today for a free estimate.

IT Managed Services

Whether you need a computer tech onsite, virtual support or simply to speak with a qualified technician, COMNEXIA is here to help. Let us find the right support that suits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our outsourced IT solutions.


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