Presales Hardware Consultation

In an ever-changing market one constant with computer hardware and software technology is the speed in which specifications are updated and replaced. Staying on top of these changes requires quality professionals with well-matched skills to filter through the millions of products on the market and find the right solutions for you and your team. Our presales professionals collaborate with manufacturers, distributors and the end users to consistently and cost-effectively plan, execute and deliver high-quality solutions. We are seasoned professionals who recommend quality, trusted brands that are time tested and reliable.

Our team is trained to understand you, your technology landscape, articulate the current situation, challenges and desired result. Once the exact products are identified we will explain capabilities, limitations, alternatives and implementation steps.

Hardware & Software Purchase Management

Whether you work with COMNEXIA’s presale team to develop a comprehensive network bill of materials or just need to buy a quick item for your personal computer, at the center of successful procurement management is a partner that handles the process from start to finish. COMNEXIA builds a deep and engaged relationship with manufacturers, suppliers, delivery companies to bring an end-to-end solution that takes the headache out of buying technology hardware and software. With technology a part number can vary slightly but have a huge impact on the product and whether it is ultimately what you need. COMNEXIA employs effective internal management tools to plan for future needs, identify and engage the end user, and efficiently administer activities related to delivery.

Licensing Management

To avoid software licensing violations resulting in sometimes huge fines and penalties, software licensing management must be part of your business technology plan. Timely licensing data must include all software and hardware used across the entire enterprise.

Compilation and reconciliation of IT assets can be effort-intensive and error-prone. COMNEXIA not only helps automate this task, but also provides out-of-the-box monthly Vantage Point reports. Our automated system will scan all network assets periodically. We collect pertinent details, store them in a database and send a monthly report to key decision makers in your organization. This along with working with recommending products that have a license friendly model is just one more way COMNEXIA keeps not only your network safe but your bottom line as well.

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