When choosing virtual network hosting not all providers are equal. In many cases you are left to decide things like; do you need shared or dedicated hosting, a virtual private server (VPS), or a bare metal dedicated server? Perhaps you have considered launching your business into “the cloud” with a cloud hosting service? These questions and options can leave many business owners with more questions than answers.

COMNEXIA’s cloud hosting solutions means your entire enterprise is stored across many networks in many datacenters across the world. As a result, you can take advantage of allocated, quickly scalable system resources, without purchasing hardware, routing or switching equipment. However, the most impressive element of cloud hosting is full-redundancy and even geo-redundancy. In the event of hardware failure, your entire enterprise is moved automatically to redundant resources.

COMNEXIA is a leader in cloud and hosting solutions. We focus on providing customers with a comprehensive approach to deciding the hosting solutions that are right for you and then implementing a plan to securely move your enterprise.


COMNEXIA is uniquely qualified to host bare metal servers for any size organization. Bare Metal is a term used to mean a physical server dedicated to a single tenant in a true datacenter environment. This solutions allows our client to optimize the server according to their needs for performance, security and reliability. We include COMNEXIA remote hands technical assistance with all bare metal installations. We can optimize a single-tenant physical server’s resources for your unique workloads so that it performs according to your requirements.


A critical part of delivering high-availability is ensuring that services can survive all different types of failures. This is especially important for failures that are unplanned and outside of your control. In rare cases entire power grids are affected by storms and other acts of God. In some cases, regional internet outages can limit system availability when datacenters are otherwise functional. Geo-redundancy is a method by which organizations home key applications and resources across datacenters in geographically diverse parts of the world. For this reason, regional outages are less likely to impact all aspects of business continuity. COMNEXIA in partnership with Cisco, Microsoft and other vendors has developed geo-redundant application offerings to bring this enterprise class resource to users needing email, data, and application resources worldwide.