From the smallest mom and pop to the largest global business, reliable internet service has become the number one requirement today. The hardware used to connect these networks is critical for reliability and speed of service. COMNEXIA works with brands you know and trust to connect and build internet based wide area networks (WAN) for all sizes and types of organizations. There seems to be no end to the rapid changes in specifications and hardware options available. However, our team of highly trained experts are here to help you choose the hardware needed for you specific requirements.


Whether you need simple email and browsing capabilities, or your business requires internet access for large groups of users, COMNEXIA dedicated internet access (DIA) is here for you. With speeds up to 10gbps our fiber based ethernet service will meet and surpass your speed requirements. Our client offerings range from social media campaigns to bandwidth-intensive applications that comes fully equipped with the best service level agreement (SLA) in the industry.

COMNEXIA DIA solutions are built to deliver the high-speed fiber services your business needs to succeed. We offer scalable bandwidth options to give you the flexibility to pay for what you need and to add capacity as your business grows. At COMNEXIA you will never share bandwidth like with some providers, meaning the highest speed will be experienced at all times—even during peak hours. COMNEXIA provides a dedicated link from your business direct to one of our state of the art datacenters to deliver the fastest, most reliable fiber optic internet connection available today.


At COMNEXIA we guarantee your own personal lane on the Information Superhighway. Just like the highway road system, at certain times of the day, i.e. rush hour, traffic becomes congested. Some providers ignore these congestion periods and simply call their service “business class” or other buzz words that although seem to indicate the guaranteed bandwidth, it isn’t always a sure thing.

With COMNEIXA you get individual, dedicated connections allowing you to travel at exactly the speed you were guaranteed. We accomplish this by providing a fiber ethernet connection directly from your business location to the closest COMNEXIA point of presence (POP). Our connections are never terminated into a frame cloud or other oversubscription models. If your business’ success relies on Internet with 99.999% reliability, cable and DSL internet service could translate into your company losing money. Call us today and allow our team of highly experience internet engineers to design a solution that is right for you.


For any size business today it can be critical if the Internet is down for even a short period of time. Employees lose access to customers, vendors, ordering systems, point of sale equipment and even lifesaving medical equipment. For this reason and if you depend on the highly available Internet access, you need Internet diversity. Internet diversity means your systems and your employees are no longer reliant on a single point of failure. Just like many networks have a backup generator for power redundancy, Internet dependent companies need a backup Internet feed.

COMNEXIA is a leader in true internet diversity. We offer solutions that start with separate paths and trenches at your business location, then travel over separate datacenters and central offices (CO) via fiber and enterprise wireless solutions. We take advantage of the latest techniques in the use of secondary connections for infrastructure improvement, such as QOS traffic shaping, guest Wi-Fi, or offloading backup services. Some people view Internet redundancy as an insurance policy but instead we see it as a standard cost of doing business for internet dependent organizations.